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Future Roadmap

Email Scam/ Phishing Deep Dive Series

Update Expected: Late April 2024

The plan is to release fictional but specific examples of email scams. This is useful for people in the workplace who need to stay safer from email scams. It's still being decided if this will be a free or paid video series. If this is a free series, then it may be used to help advertise the online message security analysis consulting project that, as of writing, is being worked on.

Online Message Security Analysis Consultancy

Update Expected: Late April 2024

The plan is to release a project where people can pay $25 USD per month to have someone who can check messages that the customer wants someone to manually check if the messages are a scam or have a virus or not. There are a lot of people who don't have someone to ask for this, which is where this service comes in. This is currently in development.

Secret Email Service Project Crowdfunding

Update Expected: Unknown

There's an email service slowly in the works to compete against services such as Gmail, Protonmail, Hotmail, etc. The plan is to release a crowdfunding campaign to help fund this. More details can be released later to make it not so secret. The other projects are being prioritized as of writing.

Bespoke Information Security Awareness Content for Businesses

Update Expected: Unknown

The creation of bespoke information security awareness content for businesses is being considered. This is just in a planning phase at the moment with no concrete date of update or release. The online message security analyses consulting and deep dive email scam videos are being given more value at the moment. If someone is interested in this, please contact


Udemy Course

Udemy Course: Employee Information Security and Cybersecurity Awareness (Click here to find it.)

Jumpstart your journey into information security with our comprehensive online course, featuring interactive lessons and real-world case studies.

Scams for Grams Book Cover

Scams for Grams: Scams For Grandparents To Watch Out For (Click here to find it.)

If you're worried about your more senior relatives or those less familiar with technology then Scams for Grams is a great gift and a must have! With a keen focus on protection and avoidance as a defense mechanism, it requires little to no familiarity with tech to understand. Dealing with everyday activities that when not thought through, can leave you exposed to cybercriminals, all of the tips provided can immediately be enacted in your life. Pick up a copy today and ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Scams for Grams focuses on various scams frequently used in the USA and — to some extent — the rest of the world. The target readers of this book are grandparents in the USA, but people internationally can learn from the types of scams in this book.

The Booklet of Information Security Awareness Basics for Organizations Book Cover

The Booklet of Information Security Awareness Basics for Organizations (Click here to find it.)

This booklet is meant to give you a brief introduction to some important concepts regarding information security awareness for your life, particularly if you’re learning because of your job or volunteer efforts. If you have more curiosity about any of the topics brought up in this booklet, please research the topics to learn more. Please enjoy this booklet.