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Open Information Security Awareness

Infoonity aims to make openly available information security awareness related content and programs to help organizations with their posture regarding the ability to get cybersecurity related insurance at a good price.

What Infoonity Does

A new way for information security awareness


Infoonity is on a quest to help organizations balance business and cybersecurity needs. From videos and books covered under the CC0 license, to planned modules to be released under the MIT license, you can share content within your organizations and with vendors to help both sides stay on the same page. If you want premium support for your information security awareness needs, you can hire Infoonity for that. 🙂

Problems Tackled

Vendor Awareness


Vendors can be a source of information security issues. You can help your vendors be on the same page as your organization by using Infoonity’s content.



While Infoonity offers premium services that require payment, your board might like some content that’s free and has permissive licensing.


Simple Explanations


Simple explanations on the topic of information security awareness are important. For example. in the Employee Information Security and Cybersecurity Awareness video course, an effort is made to use the term email scams instead of phishing.

Social Responsibility


Organizations that pay for premium support help to subsidize free information security awareness content that other organizations that don’t have a lot of money can use. These types of organizations can include smaller non-profits, and organizations in developing countries.

Leverage Up to Date Information Security Awareness Content

Infoonity aims to offer content that’s relevant to current trends in businesses. For example, Infoonity has content relating to artificial intelligence safety. However, how many information security awareness companies plan to release data for you to be able to train artificial intelligence chat bots on regarding the topic of information security awareness? If you want help implementing that, consider paying for premium support with Infoonity.


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