Infoonity Information Security Awareness


SiliconScape Shenanigans: Where Logins Lock Lips

In SiliconScape's café, Max's 'Password1234' was just the beginning of tech lessons and unexpected romance. Dive into the comedic cybersecurity journey that reminds us love can spark anywhere—even from a weak password!

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Security Logging and Monitoring Insights

When tech genius David dismisses the importance of security logging, a shadowy hacker sees an opportunity too tempting to ignore.

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Protecting Your Website: Understanding Vulnerable and Outdated Parts

Is your website safe from online dangers? Find out how to help shield it from harm by understanding the concept of vulnerable and outdated parts.

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Deciphering Cybersecurity: Understanding Identification and Authentication Failures

In today's hyperconnected digital world, cybersecurity has become a pivotal concern...

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Understanding Server-Side Request Forgeries

Learn about Server-Side Request Forgeries (SSRF) and how they can pose a serious threat to your web applications...

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